This website is built with Hugo.

I created my own ReFresh theme by highly modifying the existing Fresh theme. The changes to the original theme are the following:

  • The theme was transformed from single page template to multipage.

  • The left side menu now contains page tags along with theirs counter.

  • The list and terms types of pages contain a list of the post summaries.

  • The image used to build the summary is resized to allow better usage of the bandwidth.

  • The menu is built following the structure of the “content” folder. Two levels are allowed at the moment.

  • The navbar-burger used in the Fresh theme’s menu is removed (it was displayed when the page was resized).

  • The .sass files are now processed with resources.ExecuteAsTemplate so that it is possible to use variables from the config.yaml.

  • Some SVG images are processed with resources.ExecuteAsTemplate. This is done to allow the images to change colour when the main colour of the theme changes.

  • I added in the config.yaml the possibility to set the font-family for the navbar, sidebar and content of the page.

  • I upgraded Bulma (that the theme is based on) to version 0.7.5 because in the new version the class content has a separate style so that it can be modified without impacting the rest of the page.

  • I added highlight.js to better highlight the code sections of the posts. I chose the style monokai-sublime.

  • I added highlightjs-line-number.js to add the line number to each line in the code sections of a post.

  • I added an option to show the date of the last modification in a post.

  • I added an option in the summary to show either the summary taken directly from the article or a custom one specified in the front matter of the article itself.

  • I added an image shortcode to resize the images and save bandwidth in a post.

  • I added a shortcode to show code in a page and a shortcode to show code inline.

  • I added a shortcode to show a tabs element, the content of each tabs is read from markdown files.

  • I added a shortcode to be used to show books.

  • I added a shortcode to be used to describe websites.

  • I added a 404 custom page.

The 2 avatar images used in this site comes from